About Flow Yoga

At Flow Yoga we truly believe that Yoga is for everybody and we welcome people at all stages of their yoga journey into our studio.

Our Flow Yoga asana is based in the ancient tradition of Hatha Yoga and combines movement with breath to direct energy (prana) throughout the body to create a state of mindfulness and presence.

All of our classes are taught by fully qualified teachers and are healing, non-judgemental and inclusive for people from all walks of life and backgrounds. We encourage our students to come as you are, no fancy clothes or mats needed and explore the mind-body connection that a regular yoga asana practice can offer.

Slow flow classes include a series of gentle sequences and asanas that are held for around five (5) breaths. This class is perfect for beginners as well as more experienced Yogis as you are guided through foundational poses that can be built upon for deeper or stronger variations.

Morning Flow classes are an energising and uplifting hatha flow to invigorate the body and mind, encouraging the best start to your day. Suitable for beginners, with options for intermediate and advanced yogis to practice more dynamic postures such as inversions and arm balances.

Evening Flow classes are a rejuvenating hatha flow with a little more movement designed to promote vitality and wellbeing. Suitable for beginners to intermediate and advanced yogis, with variations offered to incorporate more dynamic and challenging postures.

Yin Yoga is a meditative form of yoga where you will be guided into poses which will be held for three (3) to five (5) minutes. During a Yin Yoga class, poses will be floor based and low movement as the focus is on stretching deeply into the posture before finding stillness of body and mind. Yin Yoga is a great class for students wishing to find some respite from the frenetic outside world and stretch into the deepest connective tissues.

Restorative Yoga is a restful practice that comprises of a series of asana held for five (5) to eight (8) minutes. Throughout the class, you will be guided in poses using supports such as bolsters, blocks and blankets (all provided at the studio) which will allow your body to relax completely and enter a blissful state of rest. Stretches will be incredibly gentle and we encourage anyone who is in need of nurturing to join one of these classes.

Yoga Nidra, also known as Sleep Yoga is a non-movement based style of Yoga which aims to provide students with a completely restful experience. Throughout a class, you will be guided through a conscious meditation journey that will focus on your whole body and mind. It is said that 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent to three hours of deep sleep. This class is suitable for everyone and requires no previous meditation experience.

All of our classes are designed to consider the individual and are taught holistically incorporating pranayama, breath awareness and/or meditation in each session to enable to our students to arrive fully in the sanctuary of our space.

If you have any questions about our classes, or are not sure which class would suit you best, please contact Renee and Linda at the studio.

Photo by Jaime Diaz–Berrio

About Odona

Odona Farska is a certified yoga teacher, and the founder of Flow Yoga Canberra and Flow Yoga Dubai. Odona discovered yoga in Sydney in 2000 and fell in love with the daily practice of yoga and its benefits. Since then, Odona has travelled extensively and has practiced different styles of yoga in numerous locations worldwide – from Australia to the Czech Republic, and from the Maldives to Bali. She is RYT 500 certified, with over 10 years of teaching experience, having completed 5 global yoga teacher training courses.

Odona has completed Purna yoga teacher training in Goa; pre-natal teacher training in Koh Samui: advanced Purna yoga teacher training in Pondicherry: Mother and Baby yoga teacher training with Birthlight in London: Rainbow Kids Yoga training and Viniyoga Yoga Therapy teacher training in Australia.

Odona’s gentle and compassionate personality allows her to create a friendly atmosphere in her classes, where everyone feels welcome and all standards are accepted. Despite her extensive knowledge and experience, Odona keeps a light-hearted approach to yoga, rather than taking things too seriously. Her classes are open to people of all ages, fitness levels and health conditions.

Odona teaches large and small classes, as well as yoga retreats in Australia and Asia, private sessions and corporate courses. Her clients come from all walks of life, including children, students, professionals, artists and teachers. Odona’s clients include companies like Ernst and Young, the Australian Department of Communication and the Arts, Austrade and Arena. She has volunteered her time to teach complimentary weekly classes to primary school children, organised fundraisers and invited numerous world famous yoga teachers to teach at her studio. Odona has also taught at numerous yoga and art festivals around the world.

Having run the Flow Yoga studio at New Acton in Canberra over the last 7 years, Odona has collaborated with Molonglo Group and opened new Flow Yoga studio at Dairy Road in February 2021.

Odona’s special interests include the therapeutic effects of yoga, yoga nidra and aromatherapy.

You can contact Odona on 0412 828 098 or by email at odona@flowyogacanberra.com

Photo by Tulitha King