Anatomy of Breath & Pain Free Backbends with Dan Fanthorpe

Sunday, 2nd February

Anatomy of the Breath
9am – 11.30am

Pain Free Backbends
1pm – 3.30pm

Dan first learned yoga in 1987, taught by his mother who was a Hatha yoga teacher. This is long ago, before yoga was big business, when it was only found in community halls. For over 30 years Dan has cultivated direct experience with the teachings of the masters through extensive studies of Ashtanga Yoga. Dan brings professional quality with a twist of lighthearted fun to his workshops.

Come and learn the fundamental techniques and ideas of Anathomy of Breath and Pain Free Backbends.

Both workshops are suitable for everybody, seasoned practitioners as well as yoga teachers and beginners.

$60 for 1 workshop
$100 for both workshops

Anatomy of the Breath

When movement and breath are combined our practice becomes increadibly powerful. In this unique workshop we will explore how to make deep breathing effortless. We will learn the mechanics of complete Yogic breath, the physical apparatus, the energetic and emotional aspects of smooth and rich breathing and how to improve the whole system during our regular physical yoga practice.

Pain Free Backbends

This workshop takes a look into the physical and psychological obstacles that can arise with backbends. We will have an in-depth look at each segment of the spine, limiting factors and areas of weakness. We will dive deep into foundational asanas that promote strength and flexibility to the supporting muscles of the spine. When we build a foundation, it can bring confidence, softness and relaxation which are all necessary for pain free backbends.

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Sunday 22nd December

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Monday 6th January

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