Crystal Singing Bowl Intuitive Training Workshop

Sunday August 20th

10.30am – 2.30pm


Spend a day with Tim and Elise from Source 88 learning how to play your very own Crystal Singing Bowl/s! (included in the cost can be a Crystal Singing Bowl and Rubber Mallet)

– Ease your stress levels

– Calm your nervous system

– Release physical tension in the body, aches & pains

– Receive clarity & divine guidance from a higher consciousness

– Expand your consciousness

– Strengthen your intuition

– Release fears

– and so much more…

Feel the call of the Crystal Singing Bowls and be inspired by how you can integrate them into your life and/or business! There are so many benefits to using Crystal Bowls for yourself and others. From slowing down your brainwaves into a state of relaxation, to helping you sleep better, to assisting cellular level healing, evoking calm emotions, improving your overall health & well-being, raising your vibration and deepening your connection with self and spirit.

Crystal Bowls can make a difference in many ways in your life.

If you are a yoga teacher or practitioner, you may feel inspired and guided to use these healing instruments in your business or current offerings.

You can weave Crystal Singing Bowls into your personal practices and feel the peace, relaxation, healing and inspiration that comes from these incredible instruments! You can raise your vibration to welcome transformation and manifestation at a new level in your life! You can even share the sounds and vibrations with friends and loved ones!

At our upcoming inspirational crystal singing bowl training workshop you can receive your very own Crystal Singing Bowl and a rubber mallet included in the cost as well as an action packed day full of learning and fun!!

Crystal Bowl Workshop full price – $333.00 (includes a Crystal Singing Bowl & mallet)

Crystal Bowl Workshop entry only – $188.00 (borrow a bowl or bring your own)

Please note: The cheapest way to purchase a Crystal Singing Bowl is to include it in the cost of your workshop. On the day we offer a special price for additional Crystal Singing Bowls of $220.00 per bowl (bowl and 0-ring only).

This inspirational day runs from 11:00am-4:00pm.

At the workshop there is a focus on the following components:

•Connecting with your crystal bowl and ideas for cleansing your bowl

•Fundamentals of learning to play your crystal bowl

•Lots of practical experience playing your crystal bowl

•Fundamentals of vocal toning with your crystal bowl

•Practical exercises using your bowl with you and a partner

•Fundamentals of playing multiple bowls

•Practical experience playing multiple bowls

•The many ways you can integrate crystal bowls into your life and/or business

•Experience a crystal singing bowl sound bath session to commence and finish the day

•Group sharing and closing ceremony

and more…