Joshua Alexander

Joshua Alexander is a qualified breathing coach and breathwork practitioner, specialising is both individual and group breathwork facilitation. He has over ten years’ experience in various meditation techniques, altered-state practices, nature-based contemplative practices and shamanic traditions. Joshua’s private practice is called Transition Breath. He is a registered breathwork practitioner with the Australian Breathwork Association and the International Breathwork Foundation.

Joshua has a passion for supporting people through altered-state experiences with breathwork, in order to embody their true nature, foster authenticity and a deeper experience and understanding of self. Joshua provides holistic support, holding space for an individual’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Each week Joshua will teach various breathwork, meditation and bioenergetic practices. His classes are practical (stress and general wellbeing), experiential (meditative) and therapeutic. Participants will be supported to share their themselves and their inner experience with the group. Experienced and beginners all welcome.