Laura Pelaez Henao

Laura comes from Colombia and first practiced Yoga around 2012 but it was only in 2017 when her real journey took place after some emotional and professional transformations that took her into her teacher training path and a more disciplined practice. She sees Yoga as a way of living on and off the mat by balancing a busy work life with a mindful practice. Whilst being in Australia she has become very interested in being part of Frontline Yoga helping emergency services and first responders to cope with their stressful life in a better way, she is also looking to deepen her knowledge about Ayurveda.

She has done a Yoga and Biomechanics TT, Yoga Instructors course in S-VYASA University in Bangalore, India and a Hatha-Radja YTT in Colombia with Andrei Ram. Laura is passionate about outdoor activities like trail running, climbing, riding bikes and going on hikes and off course as a good Colombian, she loved dancing and coffee.