Momentum: A unique Breathwork and movement experience

Sunday 19 June
1 pm – 4 pm

Presented by
Amber Nomchong / Body Being
Lisa Petheram / Freedom to Breathe
Joshua Alexander / Transition Breath

Cost $90

Your body and your breath are powerful resources that can support you to explore and better understand your relationship to self, others and the world around you. Combining conscious breath and expressive movement or dance can enable a deep drop into the profoundly transformative capacity of our subconscious landscape. Embodiment practices like Conscious Connected Breathwork and expressive movement practices can help people to bypass the thinking mind, and feel and access the wisdom held in their bodies.

In this unique workshop, Body Being (Amber), Freedom to Breathe (Lisa) and Transition Breath (Joshua) have come together to offer a Conscious Connected Breathwork and embodied movement journey. You will be given an opportunity to allow your body to move and express in ways that are valuable for you; guided and driven by your breath and inner knowing. This workshop will be useful for those looking to be more in their bodies and connect more deeply with the power of their breath.

A pumping playlist has been prepared to help you more easily access your body and breath. And we are ready to fiercely hold space for you to explore and dive into your own unique embodied journey.

You do not need any experience with Breathwork or dance/movement to be involved in this workshop