Flow Yoga News

Vinyasa and Vino

Lighthearted playful Vinyasa Flow class at the Nishi Gallery followed by glass of wine or mocktail to celebrate end of the year and Christmas.

Sunday Mornings On The Deck

Uplifting Hatha Flow session on the deck at Morning Glory. Class is suitable for all levels and bookings are essential.

Yin Yoga 26th June 2019

Yin Yoga is deeply healing and meditative form of yoga that targets the connective tissues and energy meridians of the body. Yin yoga pose is typically held for 5 minutes, enough time to release stagnation within the fascia, refine subtleties of the breath and quiet the mind.

Yoga & Sound Healing 25 October 2018

Join Matt Omo aka the Gong Guru and Odona Farska for an evening of Prana Flow yoga to open and relax the body followed by deeply transformative Sound Healing session.

Prices and Packages

[table id=8 /] Students and Seniors may submit identification to studio@flowyogacanberra.com to receive $5 discount coupons for single classes and $20 discount coupons for 10 Classes and 4 Weeks All Classes packages.

Renee Duarte is teaching Nishi classes until August 13

Odona will be away from July 2 until August 15, and Renee Duarte will be taking all Nishi classes until Odona returns. Renee started practising yoga in 2000 whilst studying at university in Sydney and quickly became aware of the positive benefits that yoga had on her mind, body and soul. Over the...