Transmute Breathwork

Sunday February 26th
1.00pm – 4.00 pm

Presented by Joshua Alexander & Amber Nomchong

Cost $90

A transformational Breathwork journey into your body, breath and being.

Your breath is a powerful transformational tool available to help you explore your body, your heart, your soul and your way of being in the world.

Consciously using your breath to connect to the deeper aspects of yourself is one of the most effective ways of creating space for a transmutation to occur from deep within, bringing your mind, body and heart into greater alignment with your truest nature. A way to move beyond that which is unhelpful and in the road of being truly and powerfully available to life.

We will use Conscious Connected Breathing, body awareness and relaxation to enter a meditative and altered-state of consciousness. In this state, participants may access memories, thoughts, feelings and sensations from their subconscious world, which are then amplified towards release and deep integration.

Group Breathwork is a useful practice for:

  • working with unhelpful, held or stuck emotional material;
  • unlocking your life force and sense of vitality;
  • discharging stress, tension, anxiety, depression or stuck energy;
  • understanding and repatterning limiting behaviours or thought processes;
  • using group energy to go deeper into your own process;
  • addressing relational material & experiencing being supported in a group setting;
  • working with and releasing ancestral, family systems and transpersonal wounds;
  • exploring consciousness and life questions; and
  • improving general well-being.

Limited spaces are available.